Trail blazers!

Looking out at our snow and frost-covered garden – with the Met men promising more – it was great to receive an update from a couple of intrepid cyclists (son & his girlfriend of one of my customers) just setting out from Cairo on the cycling Tour d’Afrique. They are going  from Cairo to Cape Town by pedal power – and probably won’t see any snow all the way. (Maybe Mt Kilimanjaro?)

I’m going to follow Liz and Allie’s adventure on their blog Blazing Saddles to cheer me up during the freeze.

They are hoping to raise some funds for 3 charities – Breakthrough Breast Cancer, The Chilterns MS Centre and ColaLife which provides essential nutrients for children in Africa.

Our snow-covered garden

Our snow-covered garden

Technology and telling stories

I found this story about using the web to help with teaching very encouraging:

It’s great on a number of levels:

  1. Underprivileged kids around the world are getting some help with their education.
  2. Really useful employment of relatively low-cost technology.
  3. Grannies (or anyone actually) can use their experience to educate and entertain youngsters. So much of our UK schools rigid curriculum precludes this story-telling. Think back to when you were at school – the bits that you remember best are when your teacher went off-curriculum and told a story.
  4. With an aged Mum who needs a lot of care, and being not so chicken-like myself anymore, I’m terrified that the world is going to be paralysed by the duties of caring for the old – when really we should be looking for ways for them to help themselves and CONTRIBUTE to society.

We should look at technology as enabling more of us to do more and keep doing more.

Claire Lomas is walking the London marathon after being paralysed after a fall using robotic legs from ReWalk.  She’s raising money for Spinal Research –  here’s her Just Giving page.     Here’s an update on her progress (half-way!) 

This has got to be the beginning of something revolutionary in the way we view and use technology.