Community web site

I live in a rural community, a rather spread-out collection of villages which make up Coleorton Parish in Leicestershire. One of their Parish Plan objectives was to improve communications throughout the village and in 2008 they asked me to develop a web site for the parish. It’s grown mightily since then, bringing together many active volunteer groups and small businesses as well as the parish council themselves.

Having reached over 100 pages of information, I decided it was time for a make-over to improve the navigation. There are now drop-down boxes with more room for a descriptive title than a traditional button, and wider pages to hold more information and easier reading on today’s wide-screen displays.

There’s lots going on in Coleorton! We’ve just launched a Heritage Trail for walkers who like to find out about the rich heritage of this area – both industrial (mines go back to 1540’s at least) and cultural (Wordsworth, Constable and Coleridge were all regular visitors to the area).
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