Life’s like that

Just coming around after my Mum passed away in November – aged 101 and just peacefully at the end, so no massive angst. She lived with us and I was pretty well full-time caring and nursing for the last year or so with a very rigid and limiting schedule. Life wasn’t all bad and we had some fun times too. But all activities had to be done within limited time-frame and no spontaneous trips or visits. I’m just beginning to unwind and discover life again.

This tweet seems to capture the way I’m feeling:


Time of your life

It’s Spring – at least that’s what the birds and bees and spring flowers are telling us. Lots of things to do and enjoy out there in the sunshine. Why am I stuck in here in front of a computer screen – doing projects for customers (even though they are lovely people)? If I finish this project the rain will come and I’ll miss the joy. Time never comes around again. Sometimes we need to take the opportunity (and get muddy fingers!). See my Garden blog >>

Spring-time crocuses at Froggarts Garden

Spring-time crocuses at Froggarts Garden