Why blog?

In theory I write this blog to keep my clients and prospects up to date with what we do. It’s a kind of shop window – no – more a peep behind the curtains – of what Realcom does and how we do it. There’s a whole bunch of different things – some about latest projects, some marketing tips, observations about the world and about working from home.

In some ways it’s therapeutic. It’s an opportunity to think about and explore the web marketing business and the way we all work within it. It’s kind of chatting with clients the way one might when meeting them face to face. Now a lot of work and marketing is done on the web it’s necessary to find ways of engaging with people. A blog allows potential clients to see what makes us tick and decide if we’re the right kind of people to do business with.

So read on and get in touch if you’d like to know more. sandra@realcom.co.uk

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